What is Lions Mane?

What is Lion’s Mane? 

With so many new supplements and health aids on the market, it can feel overwhelming to make the best decision based on your needs for optimal wellness.  

The spotlight is shining on Lion’s Mane right now, so we took a deeper look into this mega-mushroom that packs a potent punch. 



Lion’s Mane is a white, shaggy, culinary mushroom that resembles the mane of a lion as it grows. The nutrient-dense mushroom has been a staple of east Asian cooking for millennia. It can be eaten raw, cooked, dried, or consumed as a herbal tea infusion. From Korea to Japan, China, and India, all have historically respected Lion’s Mane and its beneficial properties.

Modern-day science is quickly recognising the value of Lion’s Mane. Research suggests that benefits include reducing mild anxiety, a boosted immune system, improved gastric health and the promotion of healthy brain and nervous system function. 

Naturally high in protein (around 22%), the mushroom has a broad spectrum of nutrients and minerals and is usually consumed through diet or, more commonly, taken as a daily supplement. 

Read on as we dive further into the advantages of these formidable fungi! 


Benefits of Lion’s Mane 

Brain Health

Healthy cognitive function is fundamental in helping us think, remember, and learn. 

With a globally ageing demographic, we will undoubtedly rely more on supplements and resources to aid better brain function. 

Lion’s Mane has shown promising results in early trials of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and studies have found the fungi can help stimulate, protect and regenerate brain cells. 

Furthermore, In older respondents aged between 50-80, additional studies found mild cognitive function was improved as long as the supplement was taken regularly. 

Findings show that Lion’s Mane may support the creation of two vital compounds, nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). 

NGF and BDNF are proteins that encourage the production of new cells and invigorate existing ones. Combining these proteins can help the brain stay resilient as it ages and keep function levels high.

Although further research is needed, initial results are promising. 




Depression has worryingly become synonymous with modern-day living and is showing no sign of slowing down. 

The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 264 million people worldwide are suffering from some form of depression, with numbers steadily rising. 

Many of us are now looking for more natural, plant-based remedies to avoid reliance on modern medicine.

Promising early studies have shown Lion’s Mane may be an effective treatment for mild cases of depression and anxiety. 

Although further clinical trials are needed, indications show that the anti-inflammatory effects of Lion’s Mane and its rich antioxidant profile can help reduce symptoms and help individuals maintain a balanced internal environment. 

Lion’s Mane should therefore not be disregarded as an alternative therapy to treating depression. 

Boosted Immune System

Any wellness aficionado knows that true wellness is the strength of your immune system. 

Your immune system is fundamental in protecting your body from fighting disease-causing pathogens. A robust immune system will work to protect you from viruses and bacteria to ensure overall good health can be maintained. 

However, a compromised immune system can do the opposite and make you further prone to infectious diseases. 

Lion’s Mane has shown it can balance the immune system and create a more robust response to foreign attacks on cells. Additional tests confirm LM can increase activity in the intestinal immune system, which helps protect the body from pathogens that could put our health at risk. 

Get boosted and reap the rewards! 



Digestive Support

We are frequently inundated with new ‘miracle cures’ that claim to improve gut health. How does this humble mushroom from thousands of years ago stack up? 

Research has been undertaken into how Lion’s Mane could play a vital part in addressing the causes of ulcers. Digestive ulcers can appear anywhere within the digestive tract and are most frequently found in the stomach. 

Lion’s Mane has been shown to have an anti-bacterial effect that could prevent ulcer growth. 

Furthermore, the mushrooms’ anti-inflammatory power can aid the digestive system. Helping reduce tissue damage from disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 

It’s essential to filter fact from fiction and be wary of anything that claims to be a quick fix. Lion’s Mane has been consumed over millennia and continues to be regarded as a potent remedy in the east. The rest of the world seems to be catching up and seeing how beneficial this excellent mushroom can be. 


How to Take Lion’s Mane?

The easiest way to start reaping the power of Lion's Mane is through daily supplementation.

We all live fast-paced lives and strive for a fuss-free routine. Our vegan-friendly Lion's Mane capsules are easy to swallow and come in a snap-top lid container, super convenient even when on the move.



Get Involved 

Give your wellness journey a boost and try Lion’s Mane for yourself.

The science behind this mega-mushroom is continually verifying these claims that certain groups have been sure of for centuries. Research continues into the spectrum of ailments Lion’s Mane can be valuable for, and we continue to be surprised by how much benefit there is to gain. 

We pride ourselves on creating CBD & supplements from superior quality ingredients that offer the highest levels of bioavailability. Our Lion’s Mane capsules are free from fillers and binding agents and are 100% natural and vegan-friendly.

Drop us a line or pop us an email. We love hearing from our customers and would be happy to offer advice, tips, or answer any questions you might have.

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